Can a tour pro BREAK PAR with £70 golf clubs!?

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Rick Shiels Golf

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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This SEpost channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!
I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.
I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!
On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.
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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf 10 dagar sedan
Subcribe to my 2nd channel here! Lets get to 100K!
Michael Singh
Michael Singh 7 dagar sedan
I tell you what, there is no legitimate excuse for playing bad because of the clubs. Lesson learnt I need to practice. Ps Ricky would you also caddie for me when I visit the UK
Daren 10 dagar sedan
Literally 99% won’t see this but I lost my job due to covid. They shut down all the restaurants in Cook county which then led me to loosing my apartment. I'm currently living out of my car which I try and make the best of. I've applied to a bunch of places I'm hoping to get a call back. if anyone could help me with whatever you could bc I'm needing stuff like hand warmers which I stuff my clothes at night when it's cold. Also cheap burgers/fastfood. I know times are tough for everyone these days but if you're able to help me I have paypal username pay2winlife If you're unable to help I totally understand thank you
Blake Robert
Blake Robert 27 minuter sedan
Great video! The skill James showed was so brilliant! Hope he plays in The Open!
Ian purdy
Ian purdy 5 timmar sedan
wow what a swing, effortless
James Adcock
James Adcock 5 timmar sedan
Pros swing it different
Jae An
Jae An 6 timmar sedan
Very entertaining. Thanks
Nirre 10 timmar sedan
bought a robot golf ball for 300. Can hit the hole without aiming, money can buy skills.
coreservers 10 timmar sedan
i just bought rife rx2 decent box set you should test them out
Doc Hollywood
Doc Hollywood 11 timmar sedan
dude, these are actually decent clubs..i thought he was gonna use some goodwill trash clubs..waste of time this is
Frank Stallone
Frank Stallone 12 timmar sedan
Would love to see the same 9 holes with his preferred clubs.
Eric Charaba
Eric Charaba 13 timmar sedan
I think new golf equipment is a lot like a weight loss fad. It definitely works but in the long run there is no substitute for putting in the work and getting better. I love getting a new club or golf gear and it makes me feel confident, but eventually the true golfer comes out and only practice will truly make me better.
Scott Serio
Scott Serio 13 timmar sedan
What amazes me is the skill level. He is a guy who cashed a few times on the Euro Tour and he is THAT GOOD. Like, when we are talking Rory or someone like that. How good are they? Clubs help, but the skill level of these guys is stunning.
Ben Howes
Ben Howes 18 timmar sedan
It must be the shoes then. *buys £200 shoes*
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 18 timmar sedan
what a cool cat and nice guy. most impressive to me the fact, that he obviously didn't just take it as a joke but really competed. well! done and a proove for his skills.
Daniel Hazelhurst
Daniel Hazelhurst 21 timme sedan
A really likeable bloke. Good luck in the qualifiers
Brendan Finnegan
Brendan Finnegan 21 timme sedan
In sorry for sounding ignorant, are these low holes standard outside of the US I mean the depth
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 18 timmar sedan
Can you give a link to the set of clubs? :)
Mr05chuck 22 timmar sedan
Not really a “Fuzzy” like comment.
dudley1955sk Dag sedan
I really enjoyed James swing and though his results were not what the manufacturers may have hoped for I loved it. Would have liked to hear how he adapted his swing for the various swings he put on those sticks. Hope to see him again.
Piner5074 Dag sedan
He should keep that putter for sure...
Cyr1lbibi Dag sedan
you do not need fancy sets to play golf, you are right, I started to play golf a year and a half, not the best player by far (hcp 50), and I only play with I7/SW (sometimes I9/PW) and putter (time by time I5 and wood 3 but very rare bc most of the time I fail). Despite this, I manage to do one par and a couple of boggies/double boggies time by time (just that sometimes I go into bunker or in a terrible situation and got very bad hole - very hard to be constant at golf) Anyway, as my friend used to say "You only need a I7 to play golf". Thanks for this video, it gives you motivation to continue improving my swing! Wanna do short game!
John Harrison
John Harrison Dag sedan
Brilliant , interesting and fun
Brian Gray
Brian Gray Dag sedan
James is ridiculously good.
Mike Rodriguez
Mike Rodriguez Dag sedan
Great video !!
Go Sens
Go Sens Dag sedan
2nd time watching through, what a gas
David Hunt
David Hunt Dag sedan
So Rick has a future as a caddy? Would love to see him in the Open, on the bag... accentuating the positive, of course.
Mike Rodriguez
Mike Rodriguez Dag sedan
Love it already !!
Julkius Petrinalk
Julkius Petrinalk Dag sedan
in Spain we say "it´s more importan the indian than the arrow"
Terry Lalley
Terry Lalley Dag sedan
great fun, nice guy, super skills
andy Dag sedan
i'm not shocked at all. even cheap clubs these days are pretty good, - and a good player will beat someone that is "all the gear, no idea" anyday. The only thing i would say if that i am surprised by the clubs in the half set. given these are probably aimed at players who are higher handicappers, i would expect to see at least down to 5 iron as they wont drive as far and will leave that 180 yard shot alot and many players look at 150 yards as a 7 iron.
Mike Carlson
Mike Carlson Dag sedan
yea, would be better if he had a full set of cheap clubs to make it more accurate! Either way it was fun to watch!!
thesundancekid123 Dag sedan
Can you give a link to the set of clubs? :)
Sam Clews
Sam Clews Dag sedan
You should do this for all guests. Like Top Gear done the Reasonably priced car challenge
AnalogueInQatar Dag sedan
Give me a set of Petron Impalas and a Penfold Commado. I'd rip that course into pieces.
steve caplan
steve caplan Dag sedan
It would be great to see how he would score now with his own clubs as a real comparison
Notorious Garage
Notorious Garage Dag sedan
How does that watch gives information about the distance of the ball ?
DL Vox
DL Vox 2 dagar sedan
So effortless. These guys are good.
DL Vox
DL Vox 2 dagar sedan
I miss the UK. Beautiful country.
John Doe
John Doe 2 dagar sedan
So just what irons were available in this set? In the U.S. a cheap set normally has just the 3, 5, 7 and 9 irons, but I hear you talking about the 8 iron? The 7 iron? I'm also surprised to hear you talking about distance in YARDS. I thought you Brits have completely converted to metric. Lastly, care for another suggestion? Have him play with just THREE clubs -- adjustable wood, adjustable iron and the putter.
Gary CO
Gary CO 2 dagar sedan
Rick, If you want to see if I can still shoot over 90 using James' clubs, I'm up for the challenge
LabGorilla 2 dagar sedan
This is nuts. And he’s a full time coach? He struggled to make it on tour? The level must be insane.
Jay Bevoman
Jay Bevoman 2 dagar sedan
Neck a shot everytime "Limited clubs" is said
Jamie O Connell
Jamie O Connell 2 dagar sedan
Ah Rick come on you're bad at reading shots he must be handicap 1
Pinky 2 dagar sedan
Very enjoyable!
Ron Thibeau
Ron Thibeau 2 dagar sedan
This should be a series
Milo 2 dagar sedan
this video just makes you love golf
It'sGood 2 dagar sedan
This isn't really a test of playing crap clubs, it's a test of playing with half a set.
Ultimate Basses
Ultimate Basses 2 dagar sedan
Slazenger clubs are flying off the shelves. Stock prices for the company hit an all time high. Got my half set on order. Great eye opener to those who think the most expensive clubs are the ticket to lower scores. I've been converted! Thanks James. And Rick for another great video, thinking outside the box.
IAMBOBBY 2 dagar sedan
Andrew Molloy
Andrew Molloy 2 dagar sedan
There are Golfers, then there are GOOD golfers, then there are EXCELLENT golfers, then a leap up to this Guy, and then at least two more levels above him on the tours. Golf is a humbling sport. Mentally and Physically I SHOULD be able to compete with them, in an occasional dream, I mean I don't have to Run, Lift etc. BUT this Guy is SO far beyond my best I am not sure there is a comparison measure!
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 dagar sedan
Must be hard to be handsome, charming, and good at golf. Wishing you all the best, James.
folk10 2 dagar sedan
at 14:54, I'm 90% sure he hit the pin about a foot up
DW Rajecki
DW Rajecki 2 dagar sedan
James: “I like that putter...can I keep it.” 😂
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 dagar sedan
like Seve would have revelled in this
Sports Direct
Sports Direct 2 dagar sedan
Yes Rick! Golf should be accessible to everyone, no matter what your budget is. Great video
grayboo212 2 dagar sedan
00:12 70 pounds? No way would I lug that around, I'd have gotten a cart (yeah I know, you don't need to tell me, it was a joke...).
Daryl Robins
Daryl Robins 2 dagar sedan
Watching this makes you feel like you could go and do this down your local course, he just makes it look so effortless.
andy thoms
andy thoms 2 dagar sedan
Bet that was a full set that rick broke half of trying to do this challenge lol.
Ohm Skulled Coils
Ohm Skulled Coils 2 dagar sedan
Maybe James just finally found his flex? 🤔 😂
Northern Ninja Foto
Northern Ninja Foto 2 dagar sedan
James with the cheap set versus Rick with his full set. Now that would be worth watching!😂
Dave and Jenny Wood
Dave and Jenny Wood 2 dagar sedan
Brilliant video
Kevin Baird
Kevin Baird 2 dagar sedan
90% individual, 10% everything else.
Golf Techie
Golf Techie 2 dagar sedan
Now lets see a 30 hcp duffer play with a tour pro set (blades, extra stiff shafts, 5 degree driver)
Golf Techie
Golf Techie 2 dagar sedan
I didn't know Scott Adkins was a Tour Pro??
koala20001 2 dagar sedan
Wow!!! How did he manage to hit so accurately with the new clubs?
Yabba Dabba Doo
Yabba Dabba Doo 2 dagar sedan
Spud Gun Golf is best at night time. The locals get all excited seeing blazing golf balls all over the shop 🤣🤣🤣
Mark walters
Mark walters 2 dagar sedan
Not surprising that someone who strikes the ball dead center can make a cheap set work. The purpose of more forgiving clubs is theoretically to help those of us that aren’t perfect ball strikers. How about a video that takes a 20 handicapper and compares their results with the cheap set vs. a better set and see if “expensive” clubs really do help?
Personal Trainer Landshut
Personal Trainer Landshut 2 dagar sedan
I’m a pga golf coach living in Germany and this video is simply brilliant. This is what I try to explain to my golfers all the time. I once shot 5 over for 9 holes with a child’s (6-8 years) half set. I would just love to see James do something like that. I’m almost sure he could shoot par.👏👏👏👍
james afrin
james afrin 2 dagar sedan
This is a brilliant idea and intrigues me as to why they dont have a tour event where they make the pros play with all the same clubs ie find out who the best players are. Players like Seve would have revelled in this
Dan 2 dagar sedan
I’ve just spent £800 on a new set of irons, told the Mrs it would improve my game. She sent me this video ... I’m in the dog house thanks Rick :,(
Jacques Hollands
Jacques Hollands 2 dagar sedan
Love this channel
Stacy Carrero
Stacy Carrero 2 dagar sedan
Getting me ready to play pga2k21 tomm wit my son...great content 👌 👏
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 dagar sedan
Must be hard to be handsome, charming, and good at golf. Wishing you all the best, James.
benjamin pham
benjamin pham 2 dagar sedan
wow.. its glaring.. ricks man crush
Sean Birkinshaw
Sean Birkinshaw 2 dagar sedan
Only a single big toe of Rick Shiels right foot is now visible from Mr Robinsons but 🤣 great video guys, a little less flirting from Rick next time though eh haha
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 2 dagar sedan
All my clubs are second hand except my wedges and putter. I can play just as good, if not better than my friends with fitted clubs and all new equipment.
Matthew Walker
Matthew Walker 2 dagar sedan
Give him a full set of Slazzies and let's see him play vs you Rick 🤣
Robert Gordon
Robert Gordon 3 dagar sedan
My first set of $100 Tight Lies from Wal-Mart were responsible for breaking 85 the first time. Playing good golf, at least for amateurs, has absolutely nothing to do with the clubs. I mean, until the heads break off the driver, and the 3-wood halfway through the same round which is what caused me to buy better clubs, lol. I still miss that cheap set though.
Alister Ingram
Alister Ingram 3 dagar sedan
James 😂😂😂
Bill H.
Bill H. 3 dagar sedan
I wasn't a tour pro ... but was a pro when younger, played in a tournament or 2 also. I am also in my middle 60s. Better question is > Take a Pro of today ... in their 20s-35 .... now give them the Balls and Clubs Jack, Tom, Lee & Gary played with back in the 60s and 70s > the kind I grew up on with a sweet spot the size of a dime and actual drivers made of Wood ... put them on Augusta or Pebble and lets see what they shoot ... that would be a pay for view worth buying.
Jonnie Zuramski
Jonnie Zuramski 3 dagar sedan
The first drive it looks like he barely even swung, maybe I need to chill out and swing a little slower. Maybe then I'll actually hit the ball lmao
William Simmons
William Simmons 3 dagar sedan
So fun! I was laughing and giggling on almost every shot.
Jim A
Jim A 3 dagar sedan
I need me some Slazengers.
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 3 dagar sedan
Wait a minute! You mean it's NOT the clubs? Thoroughly enjoyed this video, and the reparte' between you two. Also tells me NOT to buy the new clubs I'm thinking about, and spend the money on a couple swing lessons!
John Hill
John Hill 3 dagar sedan
what is he using to mark his ball on the green? some sort of alignment aid/marker?
Sam's World
Sam's World 3 dagar sedan
tour pro?
Brad Sudmann
Brad Sudmann 3 dagar sedan
To see Rick so giddy is great...I'm a 12 and when I pay with 20's they think I'm good and I think I suck....It's like that with Rick. He's so good but he marvels at James
Alexander Mcfarlane
Alexander Mcfarlane 3 dagar sedan
That was outrageously good. The skill level is off the charts, and the putting? Every putt looked like it had a chance. Great video Rick but I'm afraid James was the star of this one.
APM M 3 dagar sedan
Lee trevino was right ! It's not the arrow, it's the Indian 😊
Chris Pelfrey
Chris Pelfrey 3 dagar sedan
Rick... Now it’s your turn. Same holes same clubs. Everyone repost this!!!!
Serenity in silence
Serenity in silence 3 dagar sedan
Slazenger prices just went up lol. But seriously, having the most expensive equipment doesn’t make you a better player. My entire golf bag has about $450 dollars invested in it. All my clubs are second hand except my wedges and putter. I can play just as good, if not better than my friends with fitted clubs and all new equipment.
Kevin Ballard
Kevin Ballard 3 dagar sedan
Very fun to watch. Great lesson here.
Z 3 dagar sedan
His swing is amazingly smooth
T Conn
T Conn 3 dagar sedan
Rick, when you openly praise almost every single shot, including the average/bad ones, it eventually becomes irritating to the golfer. We have a friend that does this. Wait for the result then dole out praise when as it’s appropriate.
Michael Inkster
Michael Inkster 3 dagar sedan
He makes it look so easy!
Golf & Tesla
Golf & Tesla 3 dagar sedan
260 yd with a hybrid -- with THAT hybrid -- should I give up golf?
Golf & Tesla
Golf & Tesla 3 dagar sedan
Yeah - that is what some people say: rather invest in lessons with a pro to improve your swing, rather than in more expensive golf clubs
Jamie Smith
Jamie Smith 3 dagar sedan
I had a 3' piece of angle iron in my office (leftover from a construction project) that I messed around with as a putter on the carpet. Within a week, I got to where I could drain anything from anywhere. I never played with it on a course, but it would have been no worse than the putter in my bag. I've always felt that fancy clubs are a little overrated. And guys think they can buy lower scores.
BLAR 3 dagar sedan
Probably the most interesting golf video I have ever seen (and trust me - I’ve seen my share 😊). Great player with focus on all the important stuff. Think positive, have a plan - and do not waste time and energy on things you can’t change!
eaglespetty 3 dagar sedan
Best way to improve your golf game.....go hit some balls.
Joseph Douglas
Joseph Douglas 3 dagar sedan
What a great nine holes to watch. Two very nice fellas and a consummate, calm professional that James is.
Dolph's Golf
Dolph's Golf 3 dagar sedan
10:00 "It's short", lol...
Man Of Straw
Man Of Straw 3 dagar sedan
Its the same in snooker. Some people think if they buy an expensive cue, it will make them a better player. Couldnt be any further from the truth. Ken Dohery won a world championship in snooker with a cue he claimed from a snooker club when he was 10. He paid £2 for it, not a bad investment.
Kalle38 3 dagar sedan
penalty stroke on the 2nd hole, ball did not touch the bottom of the hole
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