I play golf with ONLY 1 CLUB!
THE END.....thank you!
2 månader sedan
Chris B
Chris B 12 timmar sedan
driver for show, putts for dough
Michael Knisely
Michael Knisely 12 timmar sedan
Rick, I love you brother... you've GOT to get out of your head. I hope you're able to strengthen up the mental part of your game. "Golf, eh??" Man, that hurts to hear... I know that feeling.
Ian Sagle
Ian Sagle 12 timmar sedan
Nice to see Rick be human and rip an F bomb
Will Christensen
Will Christensen 12 timmar sedan
Smaller than OG Nike blades or Accuform PTM's?
Douglas Fargo
Douglas Fargo 12 timmar sedan
all that work you did this week with the coach you didnt even use it. the putting off the green was hurting you
William Berger
William Berger 12 timmar sedan
Pro..."Your long game has been very good" what a gentleman.
simon watson
simon watson 12 timmar sedan
Love watching you play 18 Rick
Kirk Neely
Kirk Neely 12 timmar sedan
I enjoyed hearing the build-up on the podcast. Nice round in challenging conditions, and could have easily been a 76. Ball-striking was solid. Has Rick ever tried a heavier putter like a SC?
Alan Jones
Alan Jones 12 timmar sedan
Sorry to be a killjoy I usually love your stuff but you and a pro taking your trolley s across the tees? Really? I’m sure green keepers love you doing that !! If Rick does it everyone else can !!!
Jon Novak
Jon Novak 12 timmar sedan
Rick living the dream!
Jimi Mitchell
Jimi Mitchell 12 timmar sedan
Keep these going Rick
Adelio Luiz Biajoli
Adelio Luiz Biajoli 12 timmar sedan
BEST SERIES Rick!! Greetings from Brasil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Howard Millard
Howard Millard 12 timmar sedan
Rick - come and play the golf course that has increased over 10 places in the UK rankings.. Liphook - not long, but there's not a lot of space!
Michael Duggan
Michael Duggan 12 timmar sedan
Andy Hackett
Andy Hackett 12 timmar sedan
78 is really not bad. Feel so uncomfortable in short approaches as you seem to feel, that is great. Much better than me.
Paul Hess
Paul Hess 12 timmar sedan
My favorite quote came at 12:49 - "Golf eh?" That pretty much sums the game of golf up doesn't it?
Ed Kedge
Ed Kedge 12 timmar sedan
You want to sort Jack out with a proper trolley bless him
F W 12 timmar sedan
I hit ridiculously good driver but three putts. (One of the putts replace chipping), can't break 90. 😂😭🤣
Edward Lorenz
Edward Lorenz 12 timmar sedan
Lmao did he switch shoes for one hole?
Jonathan Caddy
Jonathan Caddy 12 timmar sedan
What’s the song in the background?
Nathan Mills
Nathan Mills 12 timmar sedan
Great video. Which driver have you gone with
balhar2000 12 timmar sedan
Mate I love this series but you REALLY need to try to keep a positive attitude or you're gonna keep spiraling. You're still on the 6th as I type this tho so we'll see
Anthony Moore
Anthony Moore 12 timmar sedan
Great video as normal Rick. You've mentioned before about not holding on to frustration and it's great to see you resetting after skimming those tiny holes and then smashing a drive. Any tips on resetting your thoughts and not compounding frustrating errors?
Randolph Scudder
Randolph Scudder 12 timmar sedan
I've had the same feeling as you had on 4, so I was guessing you would come away with a high number. It seems to always happen that way. I felt your confidence rise until the put that seemed to be the difference this time.
John Nelson
John Nelson 12 timmar sedan
Hey Rick! Great video as always. Loving the podcast and the instructional videos. I think you are a bit hard on yourself. Just remember, once you hit a shot, you might as well foget about it. You can't take the shot back. Just focus on the next shot. I think performance psychology is something you should consider. You have such a smooth, classic swing and obviously have all the shot knowledge you need to be scratch. You can totally be scratch. Its ok to forget about the previous shot (even birdies). The only shot that counts is your next shot. Focus on that next shot and enjoy your time on the course. You are blessed, you get to spend most of your day on the golf course, it's your job....so lucky (I am jelious😂😂😂). You have it made dude, just have fun!
Nigel Thorpe
Nigel Thorpe 12 timmar sedan
To be honest, putting from some of the positions you were in was a bad decision. I last played this course in 2000. Great course, I did not do very well either. There used to be 3 courses at Celtic Manor.
Richard Jones
Richard Jones 12 timmar sedan
Maybe a mindset change Rick. The pro said level par is good, i bet his approach was keep the ball in play, 2 putt and walk on. Only go for birdie putts if close. The other difference between pros and us mortals, their short game is so good. Keep up the series, its fantastic to watch ⛳
Teressa Abbott
Teressa Abbott 12 timmar sedan
Don't forget par is a good score
Joe Natoli
Joe Natoli 12 timmar sedan
Rick, take an hour and go to a putting green - you'll break 75 for sure next time. Good stuff and kudos to you for not taking the easy way out - playing with a very good golfer, on a tough golf course, from the tips and in challenging weather. Breaking 80 is not so bad all things considered, and if you had made a few putts, you'd be knocking at the 75 door. On the more positive side, your long game was spot on!
midian879 12 timmar sedan
All us amateurs in the comments watching when Rick starts to get frustrated: “he’s just like us!”
Exehaven Harbour
Exehaven Harbour 12 timmar sedan
Hi Rick, I’ve been fortunate to play all three courses at Celtic Manor twice each. I play off of 18 and I actually found the 2010 course not to bad scoring low 30’s points on stableford scoring. The course that really killed me was the Montgomerie If memory serves me 22 points and 18 points but I did win a tenner for nearest the pin when I scored 18 points, lol!
stewart lunt
stewart lunt 12 timmar sedan
Saw a guy called “Matt fryer”, you may have heard of him, do a chipping video this week. Might help you instead of the putter from off the green.
Brian DeMello
Brian DeMello 12 timmar sedan
Rick your drives were sexy AF
J C 12 timmar sedan
See that putter is still stone cold. I would have used my back up by now Rick.
Washout001 12 timmar sedan
Great series although you're heaping the pressure on yourself with it! Looks like you just need to get the approach irons behaving a bit better to take the pressure off the putter. Also maybe get out around some par 3s with a few balls and the 60 to get the confidence up with it. Look at me, a 22 handicapper trying to give advice to a coach ;)
ToxicSpork 12 timmar sedan
"Plonker" is my new favorite British slang word
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller 12 timmar sedan
So impressed with the quality of your videos lately. Keep this up, the sky is the limit my man!
J 12 timmar sedan
Can't wait to see what putter Rick is going to be using next week
nicolas kostacopoulos
nicolas kostacopoulos 12 timmar sedan
Yo really the only thing wrong with his game rn is his putting is bad to many 3 putts and missed 2 footers
Joshua Ocello
Joshua Ocello 12 timmar sedan
This is the best series you have ever done 👍
Ollie Foster
Ollie Foster 12 timmar sedan
Rick, near huddlesfield there is a course called dewsbury, the 9th green is insane and the 14th view is one you’ll never see again
Niall Carroll
Niall Carroll 12 timmar sedan
Gotta say rick I'm a big fan of this series gutted for your putting today normally its on fire 🔥
S G Fiction
S G Fiction 12 timmar sedan
Great episode, Rick. Keep bringing on young and up-and-coming players like Jack to give them exposure. Think they definitely spur you on too!
Daniel Mason
Daniel Mason 12 timmar sedan
Rick : golf a Me: oh im closer to get that in for 7
John Rankine
John Rankine 12 timmar sedan
I'm a terrible golfer but I noticed you were missing your putts right almost every time. Maybe a bit too amped up/nervous as you said and you were pushing the ball.
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 12 timmar sedan
You should throw that putter in the trash.
Robin McLellan
Robin McLellan 12 timmar sedan
Just remember Rick golf is 90% mental and the other 10% is in your head.
Justin Lemon
Justin Lemon 12 timmar sedan
It looks like you made some excellent adjustments following your coaching last week. Really a fun one to watch.
Joey Muni
Joey Muni 12 timmar sedan
any suggestions on a set of decent irons under 400$ american money?
Phyto Snappy
Phyto Snappy 12 timmar sedan
I used to hate windy days, now I actually play better in wind because my expectations are so much lower. Keep grinding Rick.
jared kaiser
jared kaiser 12 timmar sedan
Sometimes golf be like that.
Richard Costello
Richard Costello 12 timmar sedan
Couple of very short putts missed....I have a theory. Leaving the flag in from distance has its advantages but I feel that with shorter putts it can be a little distracting and subconciously I think that sometimes I am trying to avoid hitting the pin and therefore halving the size of the cup. I take the flag out for shorter putts and my bad putting aside I feel I do better.
Tom Llewellyn
Tom Llewellyn 12 timmar sedan
Rick take on Bowood PGA off the blacks/backs 7280 yards!!
Doc Hollywood
Doc Hollywood 12 timmar sedan
dude, these are actually decent clubs..i thought he was gonna use some goodwill trash clubs..waste of time this is
Tim C
Tim C 12 timmar sedan
Rick, your tee shots are on point! Don’t beat yourself up too much. Even a Tour Pro said these conditions at a very hard golf course are tough for anyone. Being 78 for a 75 goal here looks very damn good. Mad respect chasing 75 on very difficult courses.
Philip Shiell
Philip Shiell 12 timmar sedan
Nice one Rick 👍 I too, birdied the 18th on the 2010 when I played it a few years ago. I did not shoot 78 however 🤣 Can appreciate how tough the conditions would have been out there, well played 👏
Steve-o 1313
Steve-o 1313 12 timmar sedan
Bro... WAY too hard on yourself. You look and sound like me, but I’m a lowly +13.
coom0004 12 timmar sedan
Any chance on this series you can put a shot count on the screen..would be easier to see totals when approaching the last few holes...cheers
Lindsay Askew
Lindsay Askew 12 timmar sedan
It’s the greens Rick. That long game is fine. Can’t be three putting, or 4(!) putting!
George Deacon
George Deacon 12 timmar sedan
One things I will say about this series Rick is the choice of music has been very good! I can imagine it’s hard for your editors to pick music to fit the environment of golf vlogs especially but credit to who ever is picking the music👍
Connor Wassell
Connor Wassell 12 timmar sedan
Why brag about who you’re playing with when you show zero of his shots?
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf 12 timmar sedan
I showed plenty of Jack. You might have just been confused as we look and swing very similarly 😉
BeantownHooligan 12 timmar sedan
I foresee a video on putting exercises in Rick's future lol
Tim's Journey Through A Lens
Tim's Journey Through A Lens 12 timmar sedan
One of us
Dane Schlager
Dane Schlager 12 timmar sedan
I'd love to see Rick play in Oklahoma's 25 mph winds it would be interesting
Mark Niebling
Mark Niebling 12 timmar sedan
Awsome series! Been on a 17 years old break! coming back this year with my son on 5. we are having so much fun! If you did change your mindset to, lets get a safe par when my birdieput is so long. And maybe it goes in, Instead of going for it, then you would break 75 or at least hit 75 today 👍 Great videos!
Hank Adams
Hank Adams 12 timmar sedan
Shot 40 the other day and missed 4 2-footers lol. been there
Dan Roberts
Dan Roberts 12 timmar sedan
Would love to see Rick playing Leasowe or Royal Liverpool! Or even Wallasey to show some of the Wirral some loving!
Micah 12 timmar sedan
Rick it looks like you're trying to hit the ball 300 yards in your backswing
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf 12 timmar sedan
Brilliant! 🙌
luke jackson
luke jackson 12 timmar sedan
Tough track. Bleeding shots inside 100m mate but you know that. Keep grinding. 😁
Rogue Cheddar
Rogue Cheddar 12 timmar sedan
At least you scare the hole with your putts. I swear some days I have no idea where it's going to go coming off the putter face. (sigh)
Riaan Swanepoel
Riaan Swanepoel 12 timmar sedan
LOL .... Finally!!!!! the last hole you holed it... milk that birdy sauce!!!!!!
Nathan Hildebrandt
Nathan Hildebrandt 12 timmar sedan
Love this series Rick! The videos have awesome pace and editing is great!
fire dept
fire dept 13 timmar sedan
God I love this series!!!!
Kevin Power
Kevin Power 13 timmar sedan
Welcome to my world Rick, the positive is you creamed your driver every time. Also the flag stick looked larger than normal that could stop some side-drop putts. Chin up your getting there 😁👍
Ray Lawlor
Ray Lawlor 13 timmar sedan
Why keep the flags in while putting? I was always told that the etiquette is to remove the flag once everyone is on the green and putting.
Ray Lawlor
Ray Lawlor 12 timmar sedan
@Rick Shiels Golf Agh interesting... I wasn't aware of that. I notice those cool little handles on the bottom of the flag sticks that remove the ball. Our local course are still using the traditional flag sticks.
Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf 12 timmar sedan
Covid rules currently in the UK
Mike Hotaling
Mike Hotaling 13 timmar sedan
Starting to question if I should be taking putting and chipping advice from Rick. 🤔😂 I like these under 75 videos. Keep up the great work.
David Ferguson
David Ferguson 13 timmar sedan
It has to suck putting at a cup with so much metal hanging out of it. It has to make the cup look smaller. Hopefully you guys over there get back to normal golf.
D. J.
D. J. 13 timmar sedan
Rick puts a new putter in the bag on the next Rick Shiels podcast
Steve P
Steve P 13 timmar sedan
I wish I could drive the ball that well. It will be hard to break 75 being so focused on birdies. Par should be the focus and the birdies will naturally come unless you want to change the series to breaking 72...
Chris Lehmann
Chris Lehmann 13 timmar sedan
Love these and I look forward to them every Friday. A bit more work but any thoughts about adding yardage and club choice for your shots so we can see what you hit?